17:55 - Chepstow

Winner factory at valuerater co uk maiden stakes

Going : Good (Good to Firm in places)

Surface : Turf

Distance : 1 m 0 f 14 y

#NortonIndexTip : Tahitian Prince (FR)

Horses Summary

No.Horse NameSilksBreadingJockeyTrainerAgeWgtORATDSLRSPNI
1 (3)Word Of Honour Showcasing - Veiled Intrigue (Pastoral Pursuits)George DowningS Curran49-12null134.951266/1117.698
2 (5)Coppergate Wunder Hot Streak (IRE) - Dream Of Wunders (Cape Cross (IRE))L MorrisB J Meehan39-5null0.00null28/10.000
3 (2)Desert Destination (IRE) Night Of Thunder (IRE) - Scarlett Rose (Royal Applause)George WoodS bin Suroor39-5null87.78212/1113.257
4 (11)Freezing (IRE) Kingston Hill - Gimli's Treasure (IRE) (King's Best (USA))Ryan TateDebbie Hughes39-5null0.00null40/10.000
5 (7)Heart Of A Hunter (FR) Hunter's Light (IRE) - Kiss My Heart (Byron)B DoyleA W Carroll39-5null87.504940/1NaN
6 (8)Rockin' N Raven Raven's Pass (USA) - Solva (Singspiel (IRE))David ProbertS Kirk39-5null103.5414525/1110.689
7 (1)Tahitian Prince (FR) Siyouni (FR) - Tehamana (IRE) (Pleasantly Perfect (USA))S M LeveyR Hannon39-5null93.9227815/850.442
8 (10)Aljalela (FR) Golden Horn - Shahah (Motivator)S HitchcottR Hannon39-0null87.1825628/152.254
9 (6)Kew Palace Kingman - Shama (IRE) (Danehill Dancer (IRE))K ShoemarkW J Haggas39-0null127.84813/2106.207
10 (9)Sun Tide Siyouni (FR) - Midsummer (Kingmambo (USA))Rossa RyanR M Beckett39-073100.811811/4106.496
11 (4)Trusty Rusty Roderic O'Connor (IRE) - Madame Rouge (Major Cadeaux)L P KeniryR Harris39-0null89.672150/1103.820

Norton Index Score Breakdown

No.Horse NameSilksInitialTrainerTrainer form usedJockeyJockey form usedDrawDraw form usedFormForm value usedNI
1 (3)Word Of Honour108.8200.996true1.000true1.086true0.000false117.698
2 (5)Coppergate Wunder0.0000.000false0.000false0.000false0.000false0.000
3 (2)Desert Destination (IRE)101.5741.000true1.000true1.116true0.000false113.257
4 (11)Freezing (IRE)0.0000.000false0.000false0.000false0.000false0.000
5 (7)Heart Of A Hunter (FR)100.7930.999true1.001trueNaNtrue0.000falseNaN
6 (8)Rockin' N Raven104.3611.000true0.999true1.062true0.000false110.689
7 (1)Tahitian Prince (FR)50.4881.000true0.999true1.000true0.000false50.442
8 (10)Aljalela (FR)50.2111.000true1.005true1.035true0.000false52.254
9 (6)Kew Palace103.0871.000true0.999true1.031true0.000false106.207
10 (9)Sun Tide101.6111.000true0.998true1.051true0.000false106.496
11 (4)Trusty Rusty103.7711.000true1.000true1.000true0.000false103.820

All Time Form Summary

No.Horse NameSilksORNIATMinMaxARSMost Common GoingGTAPADBDNFARD
1 (3)Word Of Honournull117.6976134.95134.95134.95104.21 Good to Firm0.0014.0043.300.0010.00
2 (5)Coppergate Wundernull0.
3 (2)Desert Destination (IRE)null113.2566787.7887.7887.7898.97 Good to Firm0.004.009.750.006.97
4 (11)Freezing (IRE)null0.
5 (7)Heart Of A Hunter (FR)nullNaN87.5087.5087.50102.67 Good (Good to Soft in places)0.008.0022.850.007.00
6 (8)Rockin' N Ravennull110.68914103.54103.54103.54104.14 Standard / Slow0.
7 (1)Tahitian Prince (FR)null50.44166693.9287.59100.24100.81 Standard / Slow0.004.507.220.007.50
8 (10)Aljalela (FR)null52.25407487.1873.44100.91101.26 Standard / Slow0.
9 (6)Kew Palacenull106.20687127.84127.84127.84101.24 Good to Firm0.006.0014.500.0010.00
10 (9)Sun Tide73106.49593100.81100.81100.8199.78 Good to Firm0.
11 (4)Trusty Rustynull103.82049689.6789.6789.67101.11 Good to Firm0.0010.0016.500.006.97

Last 5 Form Summary

1 (3)Word Of Honour134.95104.2114.0043.3010.00
2 (5)Coppergate Wunder0.
3 (2)Desert Destination (IRE)87.7898.974.009.756.97
4 (11)Freezing (IRE)
5 (7)Heart Of A Hunter (FR)87.50102.678.0022.857.00
6 (8)Rockin' N Raven103.54104.
7 (1)Tahitian Prince (FR)93.92100.814.507.227.50
8 (10)Aljalela (FR)87.18101.
9 (6)Kew Palace127.84101.246.0014.5010.00
10 (9)Sun Tide100.8199.785.004.258.00
11 (4)Trusty Rusty89.67101.1110.0016.506.97

Word Of Honour

windsor1 m 2 f Good to Firm10-0 14th43.300003134.951134.951129.4971.042

Coppergate Wunder

No Past Form Recorded

Desert Destination (IRE)

salisbury6 f 213 y Good to Firm9-2 4th9.7587.77587.77588.6890.990

Freezing (IRE)

No Past Form Recorded

Heart Of A Hunter (FR)

leicester7 f Good (Good to Soft in places)9-4 8th22.8587.49787.49785.2261.027

Rockin' N Raven

kempton-park1 m 0 f Standard / Slow9-4 3rd4.0103.538103.53899.4251.041

Tahitian Prince (FR)

kempton-park1 m 0 f Standard / Slow9-5 2nd0.5100.245100.24599.4251.008
newbury7 f Good to Firm (Good in Places)9-27th13.9587.59387.59386.8931.008

Aljalela (FR)

kempton-park1 m 0 f Standard / Slow8-11 5th10.5100.910100.91099.4251.015
kempton-park6 f Standard / Slow9-09th5.773.44273.44272.7021.010

Kew Palace

newmarket1 m 2 f Good to Firm8-11 6th14.5127.842127.842126.2811.012

Sun Tide

bath1 m 0 f Good to Firm9-0 5th4.25100.809100.809101.0330.998

Trusty Rusty

salisbury6 f 213 y Good to Firm8-11 10th16.589.67389.67388.6891.011

Maximum, Minimum and Average Adjusted Times Chart

Adjusted Time Chart

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