18:00 - Thirsk

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Going : Good to Soft

Surface : Turf

Distance : 6 f

#NortonIndexTip : Knightcap

Horses Summary

No.Horse NameSilksBreadingJockeyTrainerAgeWgtORATDSLRSPNI
1 (1)Magical Moment (FR) Dubawi (IRE) - Maka (FR) (Slickly (FR))Kevin StottK A Ryan39-77571.74199/225.276
2 (7)Dream Together (IRE) Dream Ahead (USA) - Shamsalmaidan (IRE) (Fantastic Light (USA))J GarrittyJedd O'Keeffe39-57373.44196/136.412
3 (10)Red Treble Iffraaj - Threetimesalady (Royal Applause)Cam HardieRebecca Menzies39-57381.332818/112.142
4 (6)Spring Bloom Power - Almond Branches (Dutch Art)Harrison ShawK R Burke39-47266.57183/117.969
5 (5)Rapid Russo Coach House (IRE) - Rapid Recruit (IRE) (Fast Company (IRE))P MulrennanM Dods39-37164.771222/112.497
6 (2)Knightcap Sir Percy - Mookhlesa (Marju (IRE))D FentimanT D Easterby39-27071.80166/18.246
7 (8)Written Broadcast (IRE) Gutaifan (IRE) - Teeline (IRE) (Exceed And Excel (AUS))P J McDonaldJedd O'Keeffe39-27080.081922/110.586
8 (4)Twist Of Hay Showcasing - Spinatrix (Diktat)Connor BeasleyM Dods39-16978.13289/225.545
9 (11)Dandy's Angel (IRE) Dandy Man (IRE) - Party Pipit (IRE) (Desert Party (USA))D NolanJ S Wainwright39-16980.7026614/124.796
10 (3)Zim Baby Roderic O'Connor (IRE) - Kenyan Cat (One Cool Cat (USA))Alistair RawlinsonM Appleby39-16981.681818/123.885
11 (9)Leoch Hot Streak (IRE) - Acquiesced (IRE) (Refuse To Bend (IRE))T EavesK A Ryan38-136776.052515/224.879

Norton Index Score Breakdown

No.Horse NameSilksInitialTrainerTrainer form usedJockeyJockey form usedDrawDraw form usedFormForm value usedNI
1 (1)Magical Moment (FR)25.3211.000true0.998true1.000true0.000false25.276
2 (7)Dream Together (IRE)36.7620.999true0.998true0.993true0.000false36.412
3 (10)Red Treble12.6151.000true1.000true0.962true0.000false12.142
4 (6)Spring Bloom18.1300.999true0.994true0.998true0.000false17.969
5 (5)Rapid Russo12.5361.000true1.000true0.997true0.000false12.497
6 (2)Knightcap8.2891.000true1.001true0.994true0.000false8.246
7 (8)Written Broadcast (IRE)10.7830.999true0.999true0.984true0.000false10.586
8 (4)Twist Of Hay26.0431.000true0.997true0.984true0.000false25.545
9 (11)Dandy's Angel (IRE)25.7311.002true1.000true0.962true0.000false24.796
10 (3)Zim Baby24.4870.998true0.999true0.978true0.000false23.885
11 (9)Leoch25.3611.000true1.001true0.979true0.000false24.879

All Time Form Summary

No.Horse NameSilksORNIATMinMaxARSMost Common GoingGTAPADBDNFARD
1 (1)Magical Moment (FR)7525.27592771.7460.9877.74101.36 Good (Good to Firm in places)0.004.676.120.005.67
2 (7)Dream Together (IRE)7336.41221673.4470.0376.8598.39 Good (Good to Firm in places)
3 (10)Red Treble7312.14181181.3374.8490.17102.31 Good to Firm0.004.333.170.006.45
4 (6)Spring Bloom7217.96873766.5761.3971.96100.38 Good (Good to Soft in places)0.002.502.130.005.51
5 (5)Rapid Russo7112.49695164.7760.3873.92101.66 Good (Good to Firm in places)0.006.837.780.005.17
6 (2)Knightcap708.24636971.8060.4189.49101.09 Good to Firm (Good in Places)0.004.563.820.005.78
7 (8)Written Broadcast (IRE)7010.58642880.0873.0788.39102.42 Good (Good to Firm in places)0.005.869.250.006.37
8 (4)Twist Of Hay6925.54481578.1374.4181.62102.36 Standard / Slow0.004.676.250.006.00
9 (11)Dandy's Angel (IRE)6924.79641580.7075.6688.96102.37 Standard0.003.675.750.006.27
10 (3)Zim Baby6923.88531381.6872.4298.40100.71 Good to Firm0.
11 (9)Leoch6724.878676.0573.1780.29101.49 Standard0.005.005.500.006.00

Last 5 Form Summary

1 (1)Magical Moment (FR)71.74101.364.676.125.67
2 (7)Dream Together (IRE)73.4498.394.003.155.99
3 (10)Red Treble81.33102.315.003.176.45
4 (6)Spring Bloom66.57100.382.502.135.51
5 (5)Rapid Russo64.77101.668.007.785.17
6 (2)Knightcap74.71100.765.404.086.00
7 (8)Written Broadcast (IRE)79.89102.556.3310.136.34
8 (4)Twist Of Hay78.13102.364.676.256.00
9 (11)Dandy's Angel (IRE)80.70102.373.675.756.27
10 (3)Zim Baby81.68100.713.003.176.67
11 (9)Leoch76.05101.495.005.506.00

Magical Moment (FR)

pontefract6 f Good (Good to Firm in places)9-0winW76.51076.51077.3300.989
chelmsford-city5 f Standard8-118th15.360.97660.97659.3861.027
haydock-park6 f Soft9-05th3.0577.74177.74175.8821.025

Dream Together (IRE)

pontefract6 f Good (Good to Firm in places)9-5 3rd2.2576.85476.85477.3300.994
redcar5 f 217 y Good to Firm (Good in Places)9-35th4.0570.02570.02571.9050.974

Red Treble

newcastle6 f Standard / Slow9-4 5th6.7575.26075.26073.0291.031
catterick7 f 6 y Good to Firm9-73rd2.186.23786.23786.6800.995
doncaster6 f 111 y Good to Firm8-69th4.149999683.69783.69779.8551.048
musselburgh7 f 33 y Good to Firm (Good in Places)8-9winW90.17090.17089.1641.011
thirsk6 f Soft (Good to Soft in places)9-05th3.7577.77077.77075.3581.032
haydock-park6 f Good to Firm (Watered)9-03rd2.2574.84574.84573.2361.022

Spring Bloom

newbury6 f Good (Good to Soft in places)9-1 3rd1.9571.95971.95973.2630.982
thirsk6 f Good to Firm9-03rd2.5571.43271.43272.5600.984
hamilton-park5 f 7 y Good (Good to soft in places in the loop)9-52nd2.7561.51161.51159.7081.030
leicester5 f Good to Firm (Good in Places)9-22nd1.2561.39361.39360.2921.018

Rapid Russo

beverley5 f Good (Good to Firm in places)9-7 7th9.063.48363.48363.2621.003
catterick5 f Heavy (Soft in places)9-67th13.0563.96263.96261.7201.036
ayr6 f Good (Good to Soft in places)8-915th12.40000173.92373.92372.5941.018
catterick5 f Soft9-2winW63.27063.27062.0331.020
thirsk5 f Good (Good to Firm in places)9-57th5.9560.37760.37759.4151.016
beverley5 f Good to Firm9-54th6.2563.58863.58863.2621.005


leicester6 f Good (Good to Soft in places)8-7 7th6.5571.79571.79572.6210.989
catterick5 f 212 y Soft (Good to Soft in places)8-1winW76.24076.24077.1810.988
beverley5 f Good9-06th5.8564.66364.66363.2621.022
ripon6 f Good to Soft9-15th1.873.35373.35372.4951.012
catterick7 f 6 y Good to Soft (Good in places)9-45th4.2589.48689.48686.6801.032
ripon6 f Good to Firm (Good in Places)9-04th6.072.69772.69772.4951.003
redcar5 f 217 y Good to Firm (Good in Places)8-125th4.3573.19573.19571.9051.018
beverley5 f Good to Firm (Good in Places)9-05th4.5564.39964.39963.2621.018
thirsk5 f Good to Firm9-03rd1.0560.41160.41159.4151.017

Written Broadcast (IRE)

pontefract6 f Good (Good to Firm in places)9-1 7th20.2578.93878.93877.3301.021
newbury7 f Good (Good to Firm in places)8-1110th21.15000288.38688.38686.8931.017
kempton-park7 f Standard / Slow9-27th2.449999886.60286.60286.0991.006
windsor6 f 12 y Good (Good to Soft in places)9-53rd6.073.07473.07472.3231.010
goodwood6 f Good9-09th10.875.24675.24671.9181.046
newbury6 f Good to Soft9-02nd0.177.11577.11573.2631.053
doncaster6 f 111 y Good to Firm9-53rd4.081.17681.17679.8551.017

Twist Of Hay

newcastle6 f Standard / Slow8-11 3rd6.7574.40974.40973.0291.019
pontefract6 f Soft (Heavy in places)8-113rd4.581.62081.62080.6361.012
thirsk6 f Soft (Good to Soft in places)9-08th7.578.35978.35975.3581.040

Dandy's Angel (IRE)

newcastle7 f 14 y Standard9-05th8.2588.96088.96087.6121.015
carlisle5 f 193 y Good to Soft9-03rd5.575.66575.66574.4941.016
carlisle5 f 193 y Good to Soft (Soft in places)9-03rd3.577.48077.48074.4941.040

Zim Baby

yarmouth1 m 0 f 3 y Good to Firm9-6 6th7.598.39998.39998.1971.002
leicester6 f Good to Soft8-71stW74.22074.22072.6211.022
leicester6 f Good9-02nd2.072.41872.41872.6210.997


newcastle6 f Standard9-4 8th8.7573.17373.17373.0291.002
catterick5 f 212 y Soft (Heavy in places)9-25th6.080.29480.29477.1811.040
hamilton-park6 f 6 y Soft9-22nd1.7574.66974.66974.4861.002

Maximum, Minimum and Average Adjusted Times Chart

Adjusted Time Chart

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