19:00 - Kempton park

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Going : Standard / Slow

Surface : Polytrack

Distance : 1 m 0 f

#NortonIndexTip : Perfect City (IRE)

Horses Summary

No.Horse NameSilksBreadingJockeyTrainerAgeWgtORATDSLRSPNI
1 (5)Hit The Heights (IRE) Iffraaj - I'm Yours (Invincible Spirit (IRE))Stefano CherchiJ Tate39-980108.452013/299.814
2 (6)Isola Rossa Iffraaj - Isola Verde (Oasis Dream)Daniel MuscuttJ R Fanshawe39-87985.634117/296.569
3 (13)Perfect City (IRE) Elusive City (USA) - Tall Perfection (USA) (Distorted Humor (USA))Ray DawsonJonjo O'Neill69-775173.443166/117.125
4 (7)Power Station Footstepsinthesand - Juno Moneta (IRE) (Holy Roman Emperor (IRE))Thore Hammer HansenR Hannon39-77899.001925/199.584
5 (8)Global Acclaim Acclamation - Oeuvre D'art (IRE) (Marju (IRE))A KirbyC G Cox39-67791.753313/2104.448
6 (10)Super Over (IRE) Pearl Secret - First Rains (Green Desert (USA))Hollie DoyleA Watson39-67799.68396/199.350
7 (4)Taravara (IRE) The Gurkha (IRE) - Red Blossom (Green Desert (USA))Jack MitchellS Pearce39-677131.66279/1103.690
8 (9)Lafan (IRE) Dandy Man (IRE) - Light Glass (IRE) (Lope De Vega (IRE))S M LeveyR Hannon39-67797.191317/296.739
9 (11)Exceedingly Regal (IRE) Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Aquatinta (GER) (Samum (GER))Hector CrouchW J Knight39-67799.243911/298.678
10 (14)Badlands (IRE) Territories (IRE) - Quiritis (Galileo (IRE))R KingscoteD Loughnane39-57688.35966/198.005
11 (12)Hold Fast (IRE) Fastnet Rock (AUS) - Rohain (IRE) (Singspiel (IRE))William CoxA M Balding49-47297.073920/133.692
12 (2)Tacitus (IRE) Zoffany (IRE) - Kiss My Tiara (IRE) (High Chaparral (IRE))James DoyleB J Meehan39-273106.0712820/1102.370
13 (3)Satono Chevalier (IRE) Invincible Spirit (IRE) - Albisola (IRE) (Montjeu (IRE))R L MooreSir Michael Stoute39-17285.71889/297.553
14 (1)Mc'ted Garswood - Granny McPhee (Bahri (USA))Robert TartJoseph Parr38-96689.323910/199.694

Norton Index Score Breakdown

No.Horse NameSilksInitialTrainerTrainer form usedJockeyJockey form usedDrawDraw form usedFormForm value usedNI
1 (5)Hit The Heights (IRE)100.3491.000true0.999true0.996true0.000false99.814
2 (6)Isola Rossa96.9790.999true1.001true0.996true0.000false96.569
3 (13)Perfect City (IRE)17.2331.000true0.997true0.996true0.000false17.125
4 (7)Power Station100.5961.000true0.994true0.996true0.000false99.584
5 (8)Global Acclaim104.8571.000true0.999true0.997true0.000false104.448
6 (10)Super Over (IRE)99.6841.001true0.998true0.997true0.000false99.350
7 (4)Taravara (IRE)104.2400.000false0.999true0.995true0.000false103.690
8 (9)Lafan (IRE)97.1891.000true0.999true0.996true0.000false96.739
9 (11)Exceedingly Regal (IRE)99.2430.999true0.997true0.998true0.000false98.678
10 (14)Badlands (IRE)98.6621.000true0.999true0.994true0.000false98.005
11 (12)Hold Fast (IRE)33.7650.999true1.000true0.999true0.000false33.692
12 (2)Tacitus (IRE)102.9711.000true1.000true0.993true0.000false102.370
13 (3)Satono Chevalier (IRE)97.9571.000true1.000true0.995true0.000false97.553
14 (1)Mc'ted99.7520.000false1.000true0.999true0.000false99.694

All Time Form Summary

No.Horse NameSilksORNIATMinMaxARSMost Common GoingGTAPADBDNFARD
1 (5)Hit The Heights (IRE)8099.814415108.45108.45108.4598.94 Standard0.
2 (6)Isola Rossa7996.5687385.6385.6385.6397.74 Standard / Slow0.006.003.650.007.06
3 (13)Perfect City (IRE)7517.12511173.44118.93287.49NaN Good to Firm (Good in Places)0.008.3315.8114.2911.50
4 (7)Power Station7899.58407699.0099.0099.00101.47 Good (Good to Firm in places)0.005.0018.500.007.87
5 (8)Global Acclaim77104.44891.7591.7591.75101.88 Good0.
6 (10)Super Over (IRE)7799.35000699.6899.6899.68100.26 Standard / Slow0.003.000.500.008.00
7 (4)Taravara (IRE)77103.69042131.66131.66131.66102.94 Good (Good to Firm in places)0.006.0010.050.0010.10
8 (9)Lafan (IRE)7796.739197.1997.1997.1998.55 Standard0.
9 (11)Exceedingly Regal (IRE)7798.6782699.2499.2499.2499.82 Standard / Slow0.
10 (14)Badlands (IRE)7698.005488.3588.3588.3599.60 Standard0.0010.0015.750.007.16
11 (12)Hold Fast (IRE)7233.69237597.0788.66101.37101.80 Standard / Slow0.007.679.780.007.67
12 (2)Tacitus (IRE)73102.37013106.07106.07106.07100.40 Good to Firm (Good in Places)0.009.0016.100.008.24
13 (3)Satono Chevalier (IRE)7297.55324685.7185.7185.7199.99 Good to Firm0.004.007.750.007.00
14 (1)Mc'ted6699.6939789.3289.3289.32100.70 Standard0.006.009.500.007.16

Last 5 Form Summary

1 (5)Hit The Heights (IRE)108.4598.943.005.258.65
2 (6)Isola Rossa85.6397.746.003.657.06
3 (13)Perfect City (IRE)173.44NaN11.5018.8112.18
4 (7)Power Station99.00101.475.0018.507.87
5 (8)Global Acclaim91.75101.881.000.007.00
6 (10)Super Over (IRE)99.68100.263.000.508.00
7 (4)Taravara (IRE)131.66102.946.0010.0510.10
8 (9)Lafan (IRE)97.1998.553.001.108.00
9 (11)Exceedingly Regal (IRE)99.2499.824.002.258.00
10 (14)Badlands (IRE)88.3599.6010.0015.757.16
11 (12)Hold Fast (IRE)97.07101.807.679.787.67
12 (2)Tacitus (IRE)106.07100.409.0016.108.24
13 (3)Satono Chevalier (IRE)85.7199.994.007.757.00
14 (1)Mc'ted89.32100.706.009.507.16

Hit The Heights (IRE)

wolverhampton1 m 0 f 142 y Standard9-6 3rd5.25108.446108.446109.6080.989

Isola Rossa

newcastle7 f 14 y Standard / Slow8-12 6th3.649999985.62885.62887.6120.977

Perfect City (IRE)

haydock-park1 m 2 f 100 y Good to Firm (Good in Places)9-5 13th19.15134.428134.428132.0531.018
market-rasen2 m 0 f 125 y Soft10-12 3rd27.5287.493287.493269.7671.066
goodwood1 m 1 f 11 y Good to Firm (Good in Places)9-1216th36.15118.928118.928115.6251.029
southwell1 m 7 f 153 y Good (Good to Soft in places)10-11DNFDNF0.0000.000240.7450.000
york1 m 3 f 188 y Good to Firm (Good in Places)8-1014th11.25152.931152.931151.6611.008
deauville1 m 1 f 97 y Standard8-12winW0.0000.0000.000NaN
deauville7 f 100 y Standard8-123rd0.80.0000.0000.000NaN

Power Station

york7 f 192 y Good (Good to Firm in places)8-10 5th18.598.99598.99597.5631.015

Global Acclaim

sandown-park7 f Good9-3winW91.75091.75090.0541.019

Super Over (IRE)

kempton-park1 m 0 f Standard / Slow9-9 3rd0.599.68499.68499.4251.003

Taravara (IRE)

yarmouth1 m 2 f 23 y Good (Good to Firm in places)8-10 6th10.05131.662131.662127.9061.029

Lafan (IRE)

chelmsford-city1 m 0 f Standard9-10 3rd1.197.18997.18998.6180.986

Exceedingly Regal (IRE)

kempton-park1 m 0 f Standard / Slow8-6 4th2.2599.24399.24399.4250.998

Badlands (IRE)

wolverhampton7 f 36 y Standard8-13 10th15.7588.34788.34788.7020.996

Hold Fast (IRE)

kempton-park1 m 0 f Standard / Slow8-5 14th16.25101.366101.36699.4251.020
goodwood1 m 0 f Good (Good to Soft in places)9-02nd6.0101.195101.19599.4731.017
goodwood7 f Good9-07th7.188.66388.66387.1771.017

Tacitus (IRE)

leicester1 m 0 f 53 y Good to Firm (Good in Places)9-3 9th16.1106.072106.072105.6461.004

Satono Chevalier (IRE)

newmarket7 f Good to Firm9-5 4th7.7585.71285.71285.7241.000


wolverhampton7 f 36 y Standard9-2 6th9.589.32389.32388.7021.007

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