14:50 - Sedgefield

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Going : null

Surface : Turf

Distance : 3 m 2 f 59 y

#NortonIndexTip : null

Horses Summary

No.Horse NameSilksBreadingJockeyTrainerAgeWgtORATDSLRSPNI
1Zolfo (IRE) Cloudings (IRE) - Hardy Lamb (IRE) (Witness Box (USA))Sean QuinlanJ Candlish1011-12108293.00160.000
2Chanting Hill (IRE) Milan - Kitty Dillon (IRE) (Westerner)Henry BrookeN W Alexander811-11107338.97360.000
3Don Herbager (FR) Saddler Maker (IRE) - Marie D'altoria (FR) (Roi de Rome (USA))Charlie DeutschMiss V Williams811-10106299.67370.000
4Off The Beat Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Off By Heart (Royal Applause)Ryan ManiaA M Thomson811-9105219.58390.000
5Ard Chros (IRE) Publisher (USA) - Threecrossmammies (IRE) (Be My Native (USA))Sam ColtherdW Coltherd1011-6102341.01120.000
6Dalkingstown Malinas (GER) - True Rose (IRE) (Roselier (FR))James BowenP Bowen811-298232.96290.000
7Grey Atlantic Way (IRE) Dahjee (USA) - Altregan Touch (IRE) (Roselier (FR))Craig NicholD Brooke910-890277.51190.000
8Cudgel Sulamani (IRE) - Posh Stick (Rakaposhi King)C O'FarrellJ Walton910-688351.34160.000
9Ballintogher Boy (IRE) Flemensfirth (USA) - Room Seven (IRE) (Dilshaan)Alan DoyleC Grant810-076461.65420.000

Norton Index Score Breakdown

No.Horse NameSilksInitialTrainerTrainer form usedJockeyJockey form usedDrawDraw form usedFormForm value usedNI
1Zolfo (IRE)16.1451.000true0.998true0.000false0.000false0.000
2Chanting Hill (IRE)202.9751.001true1.001true0.000false0.000false0.000
3Don Herbager (FR)60.1711.001true0.997true0.000false0.000false0.000
4Off The Beat109.7901.001true1.000true0.000false0.000false0.000
5Ard Chros (IRE)140.0251.002true1.005true0.000false0.000false0.000
7Grey Atlantic Way (IRE)29.6630.000false0.999true0.000false0.000false0.000
9Ballintogher Boy (IRE)450.5041.000true0.999false0.000false0.000false0.000

All Time Form Summary

No.Horse NameSilksORNIATMinMaxARSMost Common GoingGTAPADBDNFARD
1Zolfo (IRE)1080.0293.00236.28329.26101.63 Good0.004.0923.7612.0019.07
2Chanting Hill (IRE)1070.0338.97309.21368.7397.71 Good to Soft0.005.0016.270.0021.93
3Don Herbager (FR)1060.0299.67258.87395.60104.31 Good to Soft (Soft in places)0.006.6727.7314.2918.69
4Off The Beat1050.0219.58197.68241.48105.48 Good to Soft0.005.3365.320.0017.51
5Ard Chros (IRE)1020.0341.01251.77415.4898.84 Soft (Heavy in places)
6Dalkingstown980.0232.96218.96248.6798.85 Good0.
7Grey Atlantic Way (IRE)900.0277.51231.10424.91103.47 Soft0.007.9335.310.0017.55
8Cudgel880.0351.34259.14469.29102.65 Good to Soft0.006.2732.730.0021.57
9Ballintogher Boy (IRE)760.0461.65461.65461.65Infinity Soft0.004.0011.250.0026.92

Last 5 Form Summary

1Zolfo (IRE)291.06103.445.3310.3718.05
2Chanting Hill (IRE)338.9797.715.0016.2721.93
3Don Herbager (FR)307.83104.048.5025.5219.10
4Off The Beat219.58105.485.3365.3217.51
5Ard Chros (IRE)341.0198.844.008.3521.32
7Grey Atlantic Way (IRE)299.32103.534.5010.8418.79
9Ballintogher Boy (IRE)461.65Infinity4.0011.2526.92

Zolfo (IRE)

kelso2 m 1 f 14 y Soft10-12 PUDNF0.0000.000274.4800.000
bangor-on-dee2 m 1 f 77 y Heavy11-12winW288.700288.700290.2070.995
carlisle1 m 7 f 207 y Good to Soft (Soft down the hill)11-65th17.75299.985299.985247.3071.213
kelso2 m 5 f 133 y Good11-128th31.05328.737328.737336.9490.976
bangor-on-dee2 m 4 f 72 y Good11-6winW300.400300.400306.5390.980
perth2 m 0 f Good11-103rd3.05237.500237.500235.5181.008
cartmel2 m 5 f 34 y Soft11-04th17.0329.257329.257332.2590.991
ffos-las2 m 3 f 83 y Good (Good to Soft in places)11-10DNFDNF0.0000.000299.2450.000
cartmel2 m 1 f 61 y Soft11-61stW277.790277.790267.2631.039
sedgefield2 m 3 f 65 y Good11-03rd17.75286.545286.545293.2460.977
southwell2 m 4 f 62 y Good11-04th9.0328.067328.067314.7401.042
bangor-on-dee2 m 1 f 77 y Good11-114th19.75253.847253.847252.7541.004
uttoxeter2 m 4 f Good10-135th15.0300.791300.791301.1400.999
perth2 m 0 f Good11-53rd3.3236.281236.281235.5181.003
bangor-on-dee2 m 4 f 72 y Good11-22nd5.0299.078299.078306.5390.976
bangor-on-dee2 m 4 f 72 y Good (Watered)10-31stW306.200306.200306.5390.999
bangor-on-dee2 m 1 f 77 y Good10-134th25.5245.301245.301252.7540.971
uttoxeter2 m 4 f Good (Good to Soft in places)11-106th22.7307.869307.869301.1401.022
uttoxeter2 m 6 f 108 y Good10-4DNFDNF0.0000.000348.2900.000
bangor-on-dee2 m 4 f 72 y Good to Soft (Good in places)11-5DNFDNF0.0000.000306.5390.000
sedgefield2 m 3 f 65 y Good (Good to Soft in places)10-123rd26.0297.452297.452293.2461.014
doncaster2 m 3 f 88 y Good to Soft (Good in places)10-1211th74.3286.333286.333285.2511.004
carlisle2 m 3 f 61 y Soft10-126th78.25312.903312.903303.6311.031
haydock-park2 m 2 f 191 y Soft (Heavy in places)10-128th106.9317.490317.490299.7641.059
carlisle2 m 4 f 8 y Good to Soft (Good in places)10-126th26.7312.468312.468300.9191.038

Chanting Hill (IRE)

newcastle2 m 7 f 91 y Good to Soft11-1 6th25.3368.734368.734366.2001.007
ayr2 m 4 f 100 y Soft (Good to Soft in places)10-124th7.25309.208309.208326.4450.947

Don Herbager (FR)

lingfield-park2 m 7 f 110 y Heavy11-12winW395.600395.600401.5570.985
chepstow2 m 3 f 100 y Good to Soft (Soft in places)11-0DNFDNF0.0000.000290.8770.000
hereford2 m 3 f 147 y Good to Soft (Soft in places )11-49th19.2308.493308.493292.8891.053
hereford2 m 3 f 147 y Good to Soft11-39th33.5304.283304.283292.8891.039
chepstow2 m 0 f 11 y Good to Soft (Soft in places)11-512th60.1264.936264.936240.5651.101
hereford2 m 0 f 53 y Heavy11-04th14.8265.840265.840259.7401.023
hereford2 m 0 f 53 y Soft11-05th38.75258.869258.869244.9711.057

Off The Beat

musselburgh2 m 7 f 170 y Good to Soft11-10 PUDNF0.0000.000363.3430.000
uttoxeter1 m 7 f 168 y Good (Good to Firm in places)10-107th117.0241.483241.483233.3071.035
doncaster1 m 5 f Good to Soft (Good in places)10-128th13.65197.676197.676183.9501.075

Ard Chros (IRE)

ayr2 m 0 f 110 y Soft (Heavy in places)10-10 5th9.75251.775251.775256.4260.982
hexham3 m 0 f 41 y Soft (Heavy in places)11-24th3.3415.476415.476409.4781.015
hexham2 m 7 f 63 y Good to Soft (Soft in places Good in Home Straight)11-03rd12.0355.787355.787367.2900.969


ffos-las3 m 1 f 60 y Heavy (Soft in places)11-0 FDNF0.0000.000446.7000.000
sedgefield2 m 0 f 178 y Soft11-52nd2.25248.667248.667259.9810.956
worcester2 m 0 f Good11-72nd3.0229.313229.313227.9061.006
worcester2 m 0 f Good11-55th7.1218.959218.959227.9060.961
worcester2 m 0 f Good to Soft11-0winW234.900234.900227.9061.031

Grey Atlantic Way (IRE)

wetherby3 m 0 f 45 y Soft10-12 5th22.25424.910424.910404.6081.050
cork2 m 4 f Good to Yielding (Good in places)9-105th13.5301.327301.327296.0071.018
cork2 m 0 f Good to Yielding10-73rd0.85240.552240.552229.5811.048
exeter2 m 0 f 175 y Soft (Good to Soft in places)11-138th16.9272.420272.420266.9411.021
wincanton2 m 3 f 166 y Good to Soft (Soft in places)11-113rd3.3314.226314.226293.8651.069
wexford2 m 0 f Yielding11-83rd8.25242.492242.492241.0711.006
sligo2 m 0 f Good (Good to Firm in places)11-211th26.55232.605232.605231.6191.004
killarney2 m 1 f Good (Good to Firm in Places Watering)11-23rd5.1244.475244.475242.7171.007
listowel2 m 4 f Good (Watering)11-1012th27.75315.116315.116300.3201.049
wexford2 m 0 f Good11-104th6.95231.098231.098230.3821.003
limerick2 m 0 f Heavy (Soft to Heavy in places)10-1113th26.7265.792265.792264.4521.005
cork2 m 0 f Good (Good to Yielding in places)11-76th26.0242.705242.705229.5811.057
gowran-park2 m 0 f Heavy11-718th187.55294.831294.831262.7111.122
thurles2 m 0 f Yielding to Soft10-517th122.75262.639262.639256.1631.025


kelso3 m 2 f 39 y Soft10-4 3rd27.0469.295469.295446.1001.052
hexham2 m 7 f 63 y Heavy10-32nd0.75388.749388.749394.1500.986
hexham2 m 4 f 15 y Good to Soft (Soft in places)10-124th29.0326.936326.936315.8011.035
hexham2 m 7 f 63 y Good to Soft10-12nd1.25380.444380.444367.2901.036
perth2 m 7 f 207 y Good10-87th30.3371.713371.713358.8441.036
newcastle2 m 6 f Good to Soft (Good in places)10-97th15.0340.167340.167336.7201.010
hexham2 m 7 f 63 y Heavy (Soft in places)11-05th38.45397.633397.633394.1501.009
kelso2 m 6 f 151 y Good to Soft10-1013th81.3352.574352.574344.8511.022
hexham2 m 0 f 48 y Good (Good to Firm in places)11-07th50.55259.136259.136250.9191.033
hexham2 m 4 f 28 y Good (Good to Firm in places)10-1210th52.25317.431317.431307.3651.033
hexham2 m 0 f 48 y Good11-09th34.2260.699260.699250.9191.039

Ballintogher Boy (IRE)

sedgefield3 m 2 f 202 y Soft10-0 4th11.25461.652461.6520.000Infinity

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