13:13 - Stratford

Support the injured jockeys fund national hunt maiden hurdle gbb race div 2

Going : Good (Good to Soft in places)

Surface : Turf

Distance : 2 m 6 f 7 y

#NortonIndexTip : My Way (FR)

Horses Summary

No.Horse NameSilksBreadingJockeyTrainerAgeWgtORATDSLRSPNI
1C'Est Le Bonheur (FR) Laveron - Joie De La Vie (FR) (Quart de Vin (FR))Lee EdwardsDr R D P Newland811-2null294.22315/1309.762
3Felton Bellevue (FR) Kap Rock (FR) - Sister Du Berlais (FR) (Turgeon (USA))Bryan CarverB I Case511-2null301.9522418/1336.294
4Filou Des Issards (FR) Network (GER) - Rapiere (FR) (Video Rock (FR))T J O'BrienP J Hobbs511-2117245.251316/1150.954
5Le Tueur (IRE) Flemensfirth (USA) - Golden Odyssey (IRE) (Barathea (IRE))James BowenP Bowen511-2null351.4122216/1377.007
6My Way (FR) Martaline - Royale Majesty (FR) (Nikos)Bryony FrostP F Nicholls611-2122303.3621710/1131.680
7Now Is The Winter (IRE) Fame And Glory - Supreme Melody (IRE) (Supreme Leader)David BassB Pauling611-2null237.7028311/1139.532
8Peachey (IRE) Robin Des Champs (FR) - Zita Hall (IRE) (Saddlers' Hall (IRE))R JohnsonOlly Murphy611-2null238.836935/1161.542
9The Quiet Don (IRE) Sholokhov (IRE) - Ailincala (IRE) (Pursuit of Love)Maxime TissierMrs L Wadham511-2null0.00null16/10.000
10Tikanite (IRE) Tikkanen (USA) - Scented Night (IRE) (Mandalus)Nick ScholfieldS Lycett911-2null252.464528/181.381
11Marie's Girl Passing Glance - Highlight Girl (Forzando)Benjamin PosteH J Evans610-9null0.0045125/10.000
12Potters Vision (IRE) Getaway (GER) - Peripheral Vision (IRE) (Saddlers' Hall (IRE))Richard PatrickMiss E C Lavelle710-9null285.8026125/1168.616

Norton Index Score Breakdown

No.Horse NameSilksInitialTrainerTrainer form usedJockeyJockey form usedDrawDraw form usedFormForm value usedNI
1C'Est Le Bonheur (FR)310.7560.996true1.001true0.000false0.000false309.762
3Felton Bellevue (FR)338.2321.000true0.994true0.000false0.000false336.294
4Filou Des Issards (FR)151.0641.000true0.999true0.000false0.000false150.954
5Le Tueur (IRE)377.3360.999true1.000true0.000false0.000false377.007
6My Way (FR)31.6260.999true1.003true0.000false0.000false31.680
7Now Is The Winter (IRE)139.3991.000true1.001true0.000false0.000false139.532
8Peachey (IRE)162.1560.999true0.997true0.000false0.000false161.542
9The Quiet Don (IRE)0.0000.000false0.000false0.000false0.000false0.000
10Tikanite (IRE)81.3940.998true1.002true0.000false0.000false81.381
11Marie's Girl0.0000.000false0.000false0.000false0.000false0.000
12Potters Vision (IRE)169.4951.000true0.995true0.000false0.000false168.616

All Time Form Summary

No.Horse NameSilksORNIATMinMaxARSMost Common GoingGTAPADBDNFARD
1C'Est Le Bonheur (FR)null309.76218294.22294.22294.2295.20 Good (Good to Firm in places)
3Felton Bellevue (FR)null336.29413301.95301.95301.9598.99 Soft (Heavy in places)0.003.0027.000.0019.67
4Filou Des Issards (FR)117150.9539245.25245.25245.25101.09 Good to Soft0.004.5013.250.0017.88
5Le Tueur (IRE)null377.0069351.41351.41351.41105.35 Heavy (Soft in places)0.002.0026.000.0020.52
6My Way (FR)12231.679853303.36228.85362.98NaN Soft0.004.1014.619.0919.21
7Now Is The Winter (IRE)null139.53159237.70237.70237.70101.63 Soft (Good to Soft in places)
8Peachey (IRE)null161.54169238.83231.25246.4199.76 Good0.004.502.470.0016.23
9The Quiet Don (IRE)null0.
10Tikanite (IRE)null81.38131252.46231.07295.82100.02 Good0.004.7513.440.0017.08
11Marie's Girlnull0. Good0.
12Potters Vision (IRE)null168.61598285.80229.69341.9196.73 Soft0.006.5032.780.0018.58

Last 5 Form Summary

1C'Est Le Bonheur (FR)294.2295.203.004.2520.86
3Felton Bellevue (FR)301.9598.993.0027.0019.67
4Filou Des Issards (FR)245.25101.094.5013.2517.88
5Le Tueur (IRE)351.41105.352.0026.0020.52
6My Way (FR)312.7599.864.2010.6520.59
7Now Is The Winter (IRE)237.70101.631.000.0018.78
8Peachey (IRE)238.8399.764.502.4716.23
9The Quiet Don (IRE)
10Tikanite (IRE)252.46100.024.7513.4417.08
11Marie's Girl0.
12Potters Vision (IRE)285.8096.736.5032.7818.58

C'Est Le Bonheur (FR)

kelso2 m 4 f 189 y Good (Good to Firm in places)10-12 3rd4.25294.215294.215309.0370.952

Felton Bellevue (FR)

hereford2 m 3 f 147 y Soft (Heavy in places)11-2 3rd27.0301.945301.945305.0180.990

Filou Des Issards (FR)

uttoxeter2 m 3 f 207 y Good to Soft11-0 PUDNF0.0000.000299.9320.000
ffos-las1 m 7 f 182 y Soft (Heavy in places)11-08th13.25245.249245.249242.6081.011

Le Tueur (IRE)

plumpton2 m 4 f 114 y Heavy (Soft in places)11-2 2nd26.0351.413351.413333.5661.054

My Way (FR)

kempton-park2 m 4 f 110 y Good to Soft (Soft in places)10-13 6th10.25317.675317.675312.5921.016
plumpton2 m 3 f 164 y Soft10-9DNFDNF0.0000.000316.3400.000
ayr3 m 0 f 70 y Good11-98th28.5362.975362.975363.1720.999
kempton-park2 m 5 f Good to Soft11-12nd6.0314.171314.171309.9601.014
warwick2 m 3 f Good11-23rd6.5274.571274.571277.2690.990
taunton2 m 3 f 1 y Soft11-42nd2.0294.370294.370302.3480.974
wincanton1 m 7 f 65 y Good (Good to Soft in places)11-57th18.0228.853228.853219.7021.042
sandown-park2 m 3 f 173 y Soft (Heavy in places)11-06th31.0330.885330.885315.0901.050
auteuil2 m 1 f 196 y Heavy10-72ndDNF0.0000.0000.000NaN
auteuil2 m 1 f 87 y Soft10-53rdDNF0.0000.0000.000NaN
auteuil2 m 1 f 87 y Soft10-72ndDNF0.0000.0000.000NaN

Now Is The Winter (IRE)

ludlow2 m 5 f 55 y Soft (Good to Soft in places)11-6 PUDNF0.0000.000327.5830.000
stratford2 m 0 f 70 y Good to Soft11-4winW237.700237.700233.8841.016

Peachey (IRE)

huntingdon1 m 7 f 171 y Good11-84th2.6231.255231.255229.0721.010
market-rasen2 m 0 f 148 y Good (Watered)10-125th2.35246.414246.414250.0020.986

The Quiet Don (IRE)

No Past Form Recorded

Tikanite (IRE)

uttoxeter2 m 3 f 207 y Good10-12 4th21.0295.817295.817299.9320.986
worcester2 m 0 f Good (Watered)11-03rd2.7231.065231.065227.9061.014
warwick2 m 0 f Soft11-06th16.0248.768248.768245.6241.013
cheltenham2 m 0 f 87 y Good11-06th14.05234.194234.194237.0600.988

Marie's Girl

uttoxeter2 m 3 f 207 y Good10-5 URDNF0.0000.000299.9320.000

Potters Vision (IRE)

wincanton2 m 5 f 82 y Soft11-0 7th53.5341.911341.911339.5371.007
huntingdon1 m 7 f 171 y Soft (Good to Soft in places)10-76th12.05229.693229.693247.6200.928

Maximum, Minimum and Average Adjusted Times Chart

Adjusted Time Chart

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