16:30 - Thirsk

Racingtv profits returned to racing novice auction stakes

Going : Good to Soft

Surface : Turf

Distance : 5 f

#NortonIndexTip : No School Today (IRE)

Horses Summary

No.Horse NameSilksBreadingJockeyTrainerAgeWgtORATDSLRSPNI
1 (3)H Bomb Pearl Secret - Mothers Finest (IRE) (Tamayuz)Megan NichollsK R Burke29-5null0.00null9/10.000
2 (8)Lost My Sock (IRE) Bungle Inthejungle - Changari (USA) (Gulch (USA))D AllanT D Easterby29-5null63.73149/261.081
3 (9)Tatsthewaytodoit Mayson - Resist (Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE))J FanningK Dalgleish29-5null62.252718/161.827
4 (12)Unleash Showcasing - Two In The Pink (IRE) (Clodovil (IRE))G LeeB Smart29-4null64.11125/164.103
5 (1)Soldierpoy Sepoy (AUS) - Lamps Of Heaven (IRE) (Invincible Spirit (IRE))B A CurtisTom Clover29-3null61.121310/358.941
6 (11)Double Salmon (IRE) Adaay (IRE) - Paella (IRE) (Oasis Dream)Jason HartJ J Quinn29-0null60.18916/160.102
7 (6)Mayway Mayson - Lighted Way (Kris)P MathersR A Fahey29-0null0.00null14/10.000
8 (4)No School Today (IRE) Exceed And Excel (AUS) - Sound The Alarm (Compton Place)Connor MurtaghR A Fahey29-0null61.052628/156.718
9 (10)Belardie (FR) Belardo (IRE) - Elite (Invincible Spirit (IRE))Ray DawsonR Varian28-13null75.511911/460.586
10 (2)Jigs Princess Mukhadram - Anna's Vision (IRE) (Invincible Spirit (IRE))Ben RobinsonB Ellison28-13null74.292316/1NaN
11 (7)Find A Penny Charm Spirit (IRE) - Carnoustie (FR) (Acclamation)J P SullivanOllie Pears28-12null65.651850/164.984
12 (5)Lazyitis Swiss Spirit - Horsforth (Kyllachy)P MulrennanMiss J A Camacho28-12null66.151850/166.141

Norton Index Score Breakdown

No.Horse NameSilksInitialTrainerTrainer form usedJockeyJockey form usedDrawDraw form usedFormForm value usedNI
1 (3)H Bomb0.0000.000false0.000false0.000false0.000false0.000
2 (8)Lost My Sock (IRE)63.5521.000true0.999true0.963true0.000false61.081
3 (9)Tatsthewaytodoit62.2550.999true0.998true0.997true0.000false61.827
4 (12)Unleash64.1131.000true1.000true0.000false0.000false64.103
5 (1)Soldierpoy59.9721.001true0.995true0.986true0.000false58.941
6 (11)Double Salmon (IRE)60.1811.000true0.999true0.000false0.000false60.102
7 (6)Mayway0.0000.000false0.000false0.000false0.000false0.000
8 (4)No School Today (IRE)58.8031.000true0.995true0.970true0.000false56.718
9 (10)Belardie (FR)62.7851.000true0.997true0.968true0.000false60.586
10 (2)Jigs Princess61.9050.999true0.998trueNaNtrue0.000falseNaN
11 (7)Find A Penny65.6510.999true0.999true0.992true0.000false64.984
12 (5)Lazyitis66.1491.000true1.000true1.000true0.000false66.141

All Time Form Summary

No.Horse NameSilksORNIATMinMaxARSMost Common GoingGTAPADBDNFARD
1 (3)H Bombnull0.
2 (8)Lost My Sock (IRE)null61.08083363.7363.7363.7399.86 Good0.003.001.550.005.01
3 (9)Tatsthewaytodoitnull61.8273262.2562.2562.25104.03 Standard / Slow0.008.0010.600.005.00
4 (12)Unleashnull64.1025764.1164.1164.11101.34 Good (Good to Firm in places)
5 (1)Soldierpoynull58.94071661.1261.1261.12101.46 Good (Good to Firm in places)
6 (11)Double Salmon (IRE)null60.10156260.1860.1860.18101.12 Good to Soft0.007.0010.800.005.00
7 (6)Maywaynull0.
8 (4)No School Today (IRE)null56.7179861.0561.0561.0599.12 Good to Firm (Firm in places)0.009.0014.600.005.19
9 (10)Belardie (FR)null60.5861575.5175.5175.51104.06 Good (Good to Firm in places)0.003.0012.100.006.01
10 (2)Jigs PrincessnullNaN74.2974.2974.29101.72 Standard0.
11 (7)Find A Pennynull64.9840765.6565.6565.65103.78 Good0.008.0014.050.005.00
12 (5)Lazyitisnull66.1407866.1566.1566.15104.56 Good0.0010.0017.100.005.00

Last 5 Form Summary

1 (3)H Bomb0.
2 (8)Lost My Sock (IRE)63.7399.863.001.555.01
3 (9)Tatsthewaytodoit62.25104.038.0010.605.00
4 (12)Unleash64.11101.345.006.755.00
5 (1)Soldierpoy61.12101.462.000.755.10
6 (11)Double Salmon (IRE)60.18101.127.0010.805.00
7 (6)Mayway0.
8 (4)No School Today (IRE)61.0599.129.0014.605.19
9 (10)Belardie (FR)75.51104.063.0012.106.01
10 (2)Jigs Princess74.29101.725.005.256.00
11 (7)Find A Penny65.65103.788.0014.055.00
12 (5)Lazyitis66.15104.5610.0017.105.00

H Bomb

No Past Form Recorded

Lost My Sock (IRE)

pontefract5 f 3 y Good9-5 3rd1.5563.72563.72563.8120.999


newcastle5 f Standard / Slow9-5 8th10.662.25562.25559.8411.040


beverley5 f Good (Good to Firm in places)9-3 5th6.7564.11364.11363.2621.013


windsor5 f 21 y Good (Good to Firm in places)9-5 2nd0.7561.11761.11760.2371.015

Double Salmon (IRE)

ripon5 f Good to Soft9-0 7th10.860.18160.18159.5151.011


No Past Form Recorded

No School Today (IRE)

yarmouth5 f 42 y Good to Firm (Firm in places)8-13 9th14.661.04961.04961.5900.991

Belardie (FR)

yarmouth6 f 3 y Good (Good to Firm in places)9-0 3rd12.175.51375.51372.5671.041

Jigs Princess

newcastle6 f Standard9-0 5th5.2574.28574.28573.0291.017

Find A Penny

beverley5 f Good9-0 8th14.0565.65165.65163.2621.038


beverley5 f Good9-0 10th17.166.14966.14963.2621.046

Maximum, Minimum and Average Adjusted Times Chart

Adjusted Time Chart

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