15:50 - Windsor

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Going : Good to Firm (Firm in places)

Surface : Turf

Distance : 1 m 0 f 31 y

#NortonIndexTip : Rhyme Scheme (IRE)

Horses Summary

No.Horse NameSilksBreadingJockeyTrainerAgeWgtORATDSLRSPNI
1 (9)Dromiskin Dunaden (FR) - Ceilidh Band (Celtic Swing)George DowningD K Ivory49-7null0.00null66/10.000
2 (6)Charles Le Brun Equiano (FR) - Miss Work of Art (Dutch Art)Rob HornbyJ G Portman39-2null0.00null50/10.000
3 (11)Hurricane Alex Canford Cliffs (IRE) - Azharia (Oasis Dream)P J DobbsR Hannon39-273102.581510/135.497
4 (2)Lockdown Dream Cityscape - Makindi (Makbul)Theodore LaddM Appleby39-2null86.801666/199.201
5 (13)Machios Maxios - Astragal (Shamardal (USA))William CoxA M Balding39-2null97.652907/252.613
6 (14)Nadia's Spirit (IRE) Ivawood (IRE) - Lilakiya (IRE) (Dr Fong (USA))Raul Da SilvaJ R Jenkins39-2null0.00null66/10.000
7 (4)Salsa Dip (IRE) Camacho - Baltic Dip (IRE) (Benny The Dip (USA))Rossa RyanD Kubler39-2null75.842780/1101.230
8 (8)Sea Trout Reach (IRE) Mukhadram - Caelica (IRE) (Sea The Stars (IRE))James DoyleW J Haggas39-28098.2729811/852.777
9 (12)Valletta Sunset Casamento (IRE) - Sunset Kitty (USA) (Gone West (USA))Charlie BennettMiss J Feilden39-2null104.3828480/1105.956
10 (1)Witch Hunt (IRE) Lawman (FR) - Witches Brew (IRE) (Duke Of Marmalade (IRE))Jason WatsonD Menuisier39-2null113.28187/155.886
11 (7)Calatrava (IRE) Havana Gold - Intizara (Dansili)Harry BentleyR M Beckett38-11null94.38215/150.711
12 (10)Evening Verse (IRE) Poet's Voice - Tap Dance Way (IRE) (Azamour (IRE))S M LeveyP R Webber38-11null99.992180/1NaN
13 (5)Found Dout Outstrip - Foundation Filly (Lando (GER))David ProbertP R Chamings38-11null0.00null33/10.000
14 (3)Rhyme Scheme (IRE) Poet's Voice - Tidal Moon (Sea The Stars (IRE))S De SousaM R Channon38-117692.76209/224.708

Norton Index Score Breakdown

No.Horse NameSilksInitialTrainerTrainer form usedJockeyJockey form usedDrawDraw form usedFormForm value usedNI
1 (9)Dromiskin0.0000.000false0.000false0.000false0.000false0.000
2 (6)Charles Le Brun0.0000.000false0.000false0.000false0.000false0.000
3 (11)Hurricane Alex35.6941.000true0.999true0.995true0.000false35.497
4 (2)Lockdown Dream100.9530.998true1.002true0.982true0.000false99.201
5 (13)Machios52.9960.999true1.000true0.994true0.000false52.613
6 (14)Nadia's Spirit (IRE)0.0000.000false0.000false0.000false0.000false0.000
7 (4)Salsa Dip (IRE)102.8951.000true0.998true0.986true0.000false101.230
8 (8)Sea Trout Reach (IRE)53.2371.000true1.000true0.991true0.000false52.777
9 (12)Valletta Sunset106.0350.999true0.998true1.002true0.000false105.956
10 (1)Witch Hunt (IRE)56.4201.000true0.998true0.993true0.000false55.886
11 (7)Calatrava (IRE)51.2231.000true1.001true0.989true0.000false50.711
12 (10)Evening Verse (IRE)101.7561.001true0.999trueNaNtrue0.000falseNaN
13 (5)Found Dout0.0000.000false0.000false0.000false0.000false0.000
14 (3)Rhyme Scheme (IRE)25.3561.000true0.999true0.976true0.000false24.708

All Time Form Summary

No.Horse NameSilksORNIATMinMaxARSMost Common GoingGTAPADBDNFARD
1 (9)Dromiskinnull0.
2 (6)Charles Le Brunnull0.
3 (11)Hurricane Alex7335.497444102.5886.99129.91102.47 Good (Good to Firm in places)0.0010.0014.150.007.80
4 (2)Lockdown Dreamnull99.2008786.8086.8086.80101.85 Good (Good to Soft in places)0.007.0018.350.007.00
5 (13)Machiosnull52.6131297.6589.62105.68102.44 Good (Good to Firm in places)0.005.507.280.007.50
6 (14)Nadia's Spirit (IRE)null0.
7 (4)Salsa Dip (IRE)null101.2302775.8475.8475.84104.31 Standard / Slow0.0011.0025.700.006.00
8 (8)Sea Trout Reach (IRE)8052.7773798.2789.30107.24101.66 Good (Good to Soft in places)0.003.503.650.007.51
9 (12)Valletta Sunsetnull105.95625104.38104.38104.38106.29 Good to Firm0.007.0043.100.008.01
10 (1)Witch Hunt (IRE)null55.88567113.28100.31126.25106.48 Standard / Slow0.006.0025.650.008.17
11 (7)Calatrava (IRE)null50.71050694.3890.8197.95101.07 Standard0.006.008.500.007.50
12 (10)Evening Verse (IRE)nullNaN99.9999.9999.99101.40 Standard0.0010.0020.550.008.00
13 (5)Found Doutnull0.
14 (3)Rhyme Scheme (IRE)7624.70827592.7686.8298.57101.65 Good to Firm0.005.756.560.007.45

Last 5 Form Summary

1 (9)Dromiskin0.
2 (6)Charles Le Brun0.
3 (11)Hurricane Alex102.58102.4710.0014.157.80
4 (2)Lockdown Dream86.80101.857.0018.357.00
5 (13)Machios97.65102.445.507.287.50
6 (14)Nadia's Spirit (IRE)
7 (4)Salsa Dip (IRE)75.84104.3111.0025.706.00
8 (8)Sea Trout Reach (IRE)98.27101.663.503.657.51
9 (12)Valletta Sunset104.38106.297.0043.108.01
10 (1)Witch Hunt (IRE)113.28106.486.0025.658.17
11 (7)Calatrava (IRE)94.38101.076.008.507.50
12 (10)Evening Verse (IRE)99.99101.4010.0020.558.00
13 (5)Found Dout0.
14 (3)Rhyme Scheme (IRE)92.76101.655.756.567.45


No Past Form Recorded

Charles Le Brun

No Past Form Recorded

Hurricane Alex

goodwood1 m 1 f 197 y Good (Good to Firm in places)9-4 8th13.05129.914129.914128.9051.008
kempton-park7 f Standard / Slow9-12nd0.586.99486.99486.0991.010
newbury6 f 110 y Heavy9-520th28.990.82890.82886.0101.056

Lockdown Dream

leicester7 f Good (Good to Soft in places)9-4 7th18.3586.80586.80585.2261.019


salisbury1 m 0 f Good (Good to Firm in places)9-24th4.75105.679105.679103.8741.017
newbury7 f Good (Good to Firm in places)9-47th9.889.61789.61786.8931.031

Nadia's Spirit (IRE)

No Past Form Recorded

Salsa Dip (IRE)

kempton-park6 f Standard / Slow9-5 11th25.775.83575.83572.7021.043

Sea Trout Reach (IRE)

salisbury1 m 0 f Good (Good to Soft in places)9-55th4.05107.238107.238103.8741.032
doncaster7 f 6 y Soft (Good to Soft in places)9-52nd3.2589.30389.30389.2381.001

Valletta Sunset

yarmouth1 m 0 f 3 y Good to Firm9-57th43.1104.377104.37798.1971.063

Witch Hunt (IRE)

lingfield-park1 m 0 f 1 y Standard / Slow9-3 2nd0.75100.312100.31297.4681.029
nottingham1 m 0 f 75 y Heavy (Soft in places)9-510th50.55126.248126.248114.7281.100

Calatrava (IRE)

chelmsford-city1 m 0 f Standard9-0 2nd7.097.95397.95398.6180.993
newmarket7 f Soft (Good to Soft in places)9-010th10.090.80890.80888.3211.028

Evening Verse (IRE)

chelmsford-city1 m 0 f Standard9-0 10th20.5599.99499.99498.6181.014

Found Dout

No Past Form Recorded

Rhyme Scheme (IRE)

chelmsford-city1 m 0 f Standard9-2 10th10.90000198.57298.57298.6181.000
newmarket7 f Good to Soft9-03rd2.086.81686.81685.7241.013
lingfield-park7 f 135 y Good to Firm9-03rd2.5592.89192.89191.0861.020
haydock-park7 f 37 y Good to Firm9-07th10.892.75792.75789.7311.034

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