20:35 - Worcester

Cazoo mares handicap hurdle

Going : Good

Surface : Turf

Distance : 2 m 4 f

#NortonIndexTip : Infiniti (IRE)

Horses Summary

No.Horse NameSilksBreadingJockeyTrainerAgeWgtORATDSLRSPNI
1Shore Shanty (IRE) Shantou (USA) - Close To Shore (IRE) (Bob Back (USA))D A JacobH Whittington712-0102275.65169/2297.329
2Jaunty Soria Malinas (GER) - Jaunty Spirit (Loup Sauvage (USA))Sam Twiston-DaviesN P Mulholland911-12100261.301578/133.597
3Do You Think So You Think (NZ) - Leblon (IRE) (Dansili)Thomas BellamyMiss E C Lavelle611-997355.255611/2329.945
4Rock On Rita (IRE) Shirocco (GER) - Gilt Free (IRE) (Rudimentary (USA))R P McLernonN P Mulholland611-896306.303013/8288.634
5Zip Pearl (IRE) Milan - Pearl Buttons (Alflora (IRE))Mr Toby WynneOliver Greenall & Josh Guerriero611-2900.003028/10.000
6Nostalgica Sea The Moon (GER) - Neige D'antan (Aussie Rules (USA))J M DaviesC J Down510-1185283.991616/1307.752
7Tiffany Rose Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) - Maria Antonia (IRE) (King's Best (USA))Sean HoulihanR Stephens610-478240.1522825/1295.611
8Infiniti (IRE) Arcano (IRE) - Seraphina (IRE) (Pips Pride)Lee EdwardsK Frost910-377165.58149/27.876
9Lets Go Dutchess Helissio (FR) - Lets Go Dutch (Nicholas Bill)Daire DavisMitchell Hunt1210-271288.61940/117.511

Norton Index Score Breakdown

No.Horse NameSilksInitialTrainerTrainer form usedJockeyJockey form usedDrawDraw form usedFormForm value usedNI
1Shore Shanty (IRE)297.9990.998true1.000true0.000false0.000false297.329
2Jaunty Soria33.6580.999true0.999true0.000false0.000false33.597
3Do You Think329.6281.000true1.001true0.000false0.000false329.945
4Rock On Rita (IRE)288.2820.999true1.002true0.000false0.000false288.634
5Zip Pearl (IRE)0.0000.000false0.000false0.000false0.000false0.000
7Tiffany Rose294.3301.006true0.998true0.000false0.000false295.611
8Infiniti (IRE)7.8451.003true1.001true0.000false0.000false7.876
9Lets Go Dutchess17.5110.000false0.000false0.000false0.000false17.511

All Time Form Summary

No.Horse NameSilksORNIATMinMaxARSMost Common GoingGTAPADBDNFARD
1Shore Shanty (IRE)102297.32928275.65275.65275.65101.96 Good (Good to Firm in places)
2Jaunty Soria10033.59724261.30221.71302.10100.57 Good to Soft0.003.0011.640.0017.25
3Do You Think97329.94485355.25355.25355.25102.31 Soft (Good to Soft in places)
4Rock On Rita (IRE)96288.6335306.30306.30306.3099.02 Good0.
5Zip Pearl (IRE)900. Good0.
6Nostalgica85307.752283.99283.99283.99105.05 Good (Good to Firm in places)0.009.0054.350.0018.50
7Tiffany Rose78295.61142240.15240.15240.15102.68 Good to Soft (Good in places)0.009.0075.050.0016.32
8Infiniti (IRE)777.876288165.5883.73311.90101.31 Standard0.006.3513.312.8612.06
9Lets Go Dutchess7117.511496288.61222.27357.29103.48 Good0.003.368.1817.6519.39

Last 5 Form Summary

1Shore Shanty (IRE)275.65101.965.009.0518.50
2Jaunty Soria270.91101.752.6010.1717.95
3Do You Think355.25102.313.009.2521.55
4Rock On Rita (IRE)306.3099.021.000.0021.25
5Zip Pearl (IRE)
7Tiffany Rose240.15102.689.0075.0516.32
8Infiniti (IRE)269.26100.255.6010.8317.95
9Lets Go Dutchess309.17101.203.608.9520.13

Shore Shanty (IRE)

newton-abbot2 m 2 f 110 y Good (Good to Firm in places)12-0 5th9.05275.649275.649270.3521.020

Jaunty Soria

wincanton2 m 3 f 166 y Good to Soft11-8 2nd12.0300.679300.679293.8651.023
fontwell-park2 m 3 f 49 y Good to Soft10-12winW302.100302.100288.0931.049
exeter2 m 0 f 175 y Good (Good to Firm in places)10-122nd5.0251.694251.694247.2901.018
taunton2 m 0 f 104 y Good10-123rd25.75249.656249.656246.3981.013
ludlow1 m 7 f 169 y Good (Good to Firm in places)10-122nd6.0221.706221.706226.4570.979
hereford2 m 3 f 147 y Good to Soft10-94th12.25299.626299.626292.8891.023
ludlow1 m 7 f 169 y Soft10-124th4.0228.592228.592238.0840.960
uttoxeter1 m 7 f 168 y Heavy11-25th12.75257.384257.384260.4890.988
chepstow2 m 0 f 11 y Good (Watered)10-94th27.0240.221240.221240.5650.999

Do You Think

newton-abbot2 m 5 f 122 y Soft (Good to Soft in places)11-6 3rd9.25355.249355.249347.2171.023

Rock On Rita (IRE)

ludlow2 m 5 f 55 y Good11-3winW306.300306.300309.3290.990

Zip Pearl (IRE)

ludlow2 m 5 f 55 y Good11-8 PUDNF0.0000.000309.3290.000


newton-abbot2 m 2 f 110 y Good (Good to Firm in places)10-13 9th54.35283.994283.994270.3521.050

Tiffany Rose

stratford2 m 0 f 70 y Good to Soft (Good in places)10-5 9th75.05240.147240.147233.8841.027

Infiniti (IRE)

market-rasen2 m 4 f 139 y Good10-2winW311.900311.900319.2330.977
uttoxeter1 m 7 f 168 y Soft10-110th30.25255.141255.141245.1481.041
huntingdon2 m 3 f 137 y Good10-56th15.0278.944278.944289.5890.963
worcester2 m 0 f Good ( )10-46th7.75231.035231.035227.9061.014
uttoxeter1 m 7 f 168 y Good10-12nd4.5235.903235.903233.3071.011
uttoxeter2 m 3 f 207 y Good to Soft (Soft in places)10-24th7.5302.658302.658299.9321.009
uttoxeter1 m 7 f 168 y Good10-22nd9.0235.403235.403233.3071.009
wolverhampton1 m 5 f 219 y Standard8-712th40.050003188.247188.247182.9421.029
warwick2 m 0 f Good10-02nd0.5236.588236.588229.6041.030
carlisle2 m 1 f Soft (Heavy in places)11-0DNFDNF0.0000.000265.1160.000
leicester1 m 7 f 113 y Good (Good to Soft on home straight)10-128th38.25234.704234.704231.0971.016
bangor-on-dee2 m 0 f 145 y Soft (Good to Soft in places)10-516th59.0256.592256.592253.1391.014
uttoxeter1 m 7 f 168 y Good (Good to Firm in places)11-59th54.45244.892244.892233.3071.050
southwell1 m 4 f 14 y Standard9-19th15.450001161.081161.081158.3231.017
wolverhampton1 m 1 f 104 y Standard9-411th19.8123.315123.315120.0241.027
wolverhampton1 m 5 f 219 y Standard9-310th12.2183.205183.205182.9421.001
wolverhampton1 m 4 f 51 y Standard9-86th5.75158.268158.268158.9390.996
thirsk1 m 4 f 8 y Good9-67th6.7160.868160.868154.8561.039
wolverhampton1 m 4 f 51 y Standard8-116th7.0159.408159.408158.9391.003
leicester1 m 3 f 179 y Good9-57th14.05157.221157.221153.6161.023
wolverhampton1 m 4 f 51 y Standard9-31stW158.000158.000158.9390.994
wolverhampton1 m 4 f 50 y Standard8-114th6.75158.896158.896159.6150.995
leicester1 m 0 f 60 y Good to Soft (Good in places)8-1210th9.05107.685107.685106.1821.014
leicester7 f Good (Good to Firm in places)8-01stW85.22085.22085.2261.000
wolverhampton7 f 32 y Standard9-36th3.2588.60188.60188.8120.998
leicester7 f Good to Firm8-52nd2.2585.34785.34785.2261.001
leicester7 f Good to Soft (Good in places)9-52nd7.085.41985.41985.2261.002
leicester7 f Good8-52nd0.7585.75085.75085.2261.006
chelmsford-city1 m 0 f Standard8-136th6.25100.588100.58898.6181.020
yarmouth7 f 3 y Good to Firm9-72nd0.385.02385.02385.3990.996
salisbury1 m 0 f Soft (Good to Soft in places)9-08th4.4106.922106.922106.1151.008
lingfield-park7 f Good to Firm (Watered)8-123rd3.5583.72783.72783.6171.001
newmarket1 m 0 f Good to Soft9-010th26.55105.726105.72698.9511.068
newmarket7 f Good to Firm (Watered)9-010th12.7587.73787.73785.7241.023
newmarket7 f Good to Firm (Good in places Watered)9-015th22.4589.86989.86985.7241.048

Lets Go Dutchess

worcester2 m 4 f Good to Soft10-2 4th12.75310.058310.058295.4721.049
newton-abbot2 m 4 f 216 y Good (Good to Firm in places)11-82nd8.0310.914310.914316.9010.981
uttoxeter2 m 4 f Good (Good to Firm in places)11-03rd2.0306.265306.265301.1401.017
uttoxeter2 m 3 f 207 y Good (Good to Soft in places)11-54th14.0296.685296.685299.9320.989
newton-abbot2 m 2 f 110 y Good (Good to Firm in places)10-8DNFDNF0.0000.000270.3520.000
wincanton2 m 5 f 82 y Good to Soft11-05th8.0321.938321.938314.5871.023
aintree3 m 0 f 149 y Good11-7DNFDNF0.0000.000368.7580.000
aintree2 m 4 f Good (Watered)11-8winW296.200296.200296.3191.000
newton-abbot2 m 0 f 167 y Good11-52nd2.0238.239238.239241.2510.988
newton-abbot2 m 5 f 122 y Good to Firm (Good in Places)10-51stW323.100323.100318.6661.014
wincanton2 m 3 f 166 y Good to Soft (Soft in places)10-112nd4.5299.514299.514293.8651.019
wincanton2 m 3 f 166 y Good (Good to Soft in places)11-22nd2.75290.082290.082293.8650.987
worcester2 m 0 f Good10-74th4.05232.302232.302227.9061.019
newton-abbot2 m 5 f 122 y Good (Good to Soft in places)10-12DNFDNF0.0000.000318.6660.000
wincanton1 m 7 f 65 y Good to Soft10-103rd31.0222.275222.275219.7021.012
taunton2 m 0 f 104 y Good10-95th8.3235.616235.616246.3980.956
exeter2 m 1 f Good10-99th17.1357.288357.288249.2951.433

Maximum, Minimum and Average Adjusted Times Chart

Adjusted Time Chart

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