14:05 - Haydock park

Cash out at bet365 handicap

Going : null

Surface : Turf

Distance : 6 f 212 y

#NortonIndexTip : null

Horses Summary

No.Horse NameSilksBreadingJockeyTrainerAgeWgtORATDSLRSPNI
1 (11)Cruising Helmet (AUS) - Lanai (IRE) (Camacho)P MulrennanD H Brown39-87571.911313/20.000
2 (10)Dark Optimist (IRE) Alhebayeb (IRE) - Luvmedo (IRE) (One Cool Cat (USA))E J WalshP D Evans39-57267.9722933/10.000
4 (12)Dana Forever (IRE) Requinto (IRE) - Positive Step (USA) (Footstepsinthesand)R KingscoteTom Dascombe39-57270.98165/10.000
5 (2)Wadi Al Salaam (IRE) Outstrip - Candy Banter (USA) (Distorted Humor (USA))D FentimanT D Easterby39-57284.772028/10.000
6 (7)Tacitly Dubawi (IRE) - Timepiece (Zamindar (USA))Jason WatsonR Charlton39-57299.0121311/40.000
7 (4)Seas Of Elzaam (IRE) Elzaam (AUS) - Ocean Sands (IRE) (Desert Prince (IRE))D NolanD O'Meara39-57272.891812/10.000
8 (5)Risk Taker (IRE) Lope De Vega (IRE) - What A Treasure (IRE) (Cadeaux Genereux)A KirbyC G Cox39-47193.41204/10.000
10 (9)Made For All (FR) Dabirsim (FR) - Rainbows For All (IRE) (Rainbows For Life (CAN))C LeeK R Burke39-37082.892514/10.000
11 (6)Top Class Angel (IRE) Dark Angel (IRE) - Expensive Date (Monsieur Bond (IRE))Rossa RyanR Hannon39-37083.49154/10.000
12 (3)Cassy O (IRE) Camacho - Hawaajib (FR) (Elusive City (USA))D AllanT D Easterby39-26988.4528028/10.000

Norton Index Score Breakdown

No.Horse NameSilksInitialTrainerTrainer form usedJockeyJockey form usedDrawDraw form usedFormForm value usedNI
1 (11)Cruising12.2871.000true1.000true0.000false0.000false0.000
2 (10)Dark Optimist (IRE)8.7060.999true1.001true0.000false0.000false0.000
4 (12)Dana Forever (IRE)21.3161.000true0.999true0.000false0.000false0.000
5 (2)Wadi Al Salaam (IRE)21.8701.000true1.001true0.000false0.000false0.000
6 (7)Tacitly86.1381.000true0.998true0.000false0.000false0.000
7 (4)Seas Of Elzaam (IRE)22.1240.999true1.000true0.000false0.000false0.000
8 (5)Risk Taker (IRE)44.8581.000true0.999true0.000false0.000false0.000
10 (9)Made For All (FR)30.4150.999true0.997true0.000false0.000false0.000
11 (6)Top Class Angel (IRE)28.8211.000true0.998true0.000false0.000false0.000
12 (3)Cassy O (IRE)30.6311.000true0.999true0.000false0.000false0.000

All Time Form Summary

No.Horse NameSilksORNIATMinMaxARSMost Common GoingGTAPADBDNFARD
1 (11)Cruising750.071.9161.7384.38100.94 Good (Good to Soft in places)0.002.572.990.005.82
2 (10)Dark Optimist (IRE)720.067.9762.4977.35102.83 Good to Firm0.005.707.500.005.44
4 (12)Dana Forever (IRE)720.070.9862.5474.58100.86 Standard0.
5 (2)Wadi Al Salaam (IRE)720.084.7774.39100.18101.57 Good to Firm0.
6 (7)Tacitly720.099.0199.0199.01101.59 Standard0.004.003.550.008.00
7 (4)Seas Of Elzaam (IRE)720.072.8963.8679.53101.42 Good to Soft (Good in places)0.004.752.910.005.74
8 (5)Risk Taker (IRE)710.093.4187.0499.77101.02 Good0.005.004.770.007.25
10 (9)Made For All (FR)700.082.8977.9490.04101.25 Good0.005.005.700.006.33
11 (6)Top Class Angel (IRE)700.083.4972.5391.79101.43 Good to Soft0.003.673.850.006.72
12 (3)Cassy O (IRE)690.088.4578.3294.72102.96 Soft0.006.677.800.006.70

Last 5 Form Summary

1 (11)Cruising72.79101.062.802.975.88
2 (10)Dark Optimist (IRE)69.62103.336.208.105.55
4 (12)Dana Forever (IRE)70.98100.862.252.065.80
5 (2)Wadi Al Salaam (IRE)84.77101.575.254.096.75
6 (7)Tacitly99.01101.594.003.558.00
7 (4)Seas Of Elzaam (IRE)72.89101.424.752.915.74
8 (5)Risk Taker (IRE)93.41101.025.004.777.25
10 (9)Made For All (FR)82.89101.255.005.706.33
11 (6)Top Class Angel (IRE)83.49101.433.673.856.72
12 (3)Cassy O (IRE)88.45102.966.677.806.70


redcar7 f Good (Good to Soft in places)9-5winW84.38084.38085.0280.992
york5 f 89 y Soft8-53rd5.568.35068.35066.8031.023
carlisle5 f 193 y Good to Soft (Soft in places)9-54th8.077.45877.45874.4941.040
redcar5 f 217 y Good (Good to Firm in places)9-23rd3.573.80573.80571.9051.026
carlisle5 f Good to Firm (Good in Places)9-52nd0.561.73461.73462.1120.994
redcar5 f 217 y Good9-22nd0.371.04271.04271.9050.988
wetherby5 f 110 y Good to Firm9-53rd3.166.58866.58866.4271.002

Dark Optimist (IRE)

southwell6 f 16 y Standard9-6 11th16.4577.35077.35075.6061.023
chester5 f 15 y Good8-106th13.5563.97063.97061.8021.035
yarmouth6 f 3 y Firm9-34th6.072.27072.27070.9501.019
newbury5 f 34 y Good to Soft (Soft in places)9-73rd1.0564.59764.59761.5641.049
haydock-park6 f Good to Firm9-107th11.5576.69176.69173.2361.047
salisbury5 f Good to Firm9-5winW62.87062.87061.2271.027
newbury6 f Good (Good to Firm in places)9-58th6.6574.21174.21173.2631.013
salisbury5 f Good to Firm9-53rd1.2562.73762.73761.2271.025
bath5 f 10 y Good to Firm (Firm in places)9-24th4.062.49162.49162.3831.002
doncaster5 f 3 y Good (Good to Firm in places)9-310th14.562.50762.50759.9101.043

Dana Forever (IRE)

newmarket6 f Soft9-2 2nd1.074.57874.57874.6350.999
ffos-las6 f Good9-63rd5.572.25072.25071.0411.017
wolverhampton6 f 20 y Standard9-02nd0.7574.54074.54074.6050.999
wolverhampton5 f 21 y Standard9-02nd1.062.53662.53661.3681.019

Wadi Al Salaam (IRE)

doncaster1 m 0 f Good9-6 8th5.85100.184100.18498.9291.013
newcastle7 f 14 y Standard9-2winW88.65088.65087.6121.012
catterick5 f 212 y Good to Firm9-26th6.2574.39074.39073.7081.009
catterick5 f 212 y Good to Firm9-36th4.2575.84575.84573.7081.029


lingfield-park1 m 0 f 1 y Standard9-0 4th3.5599.01499.01497.4681.016

Seas Of Elzaam (IRE)

thirsk6 f Good to Soft (Good in places)9-5 8th2.9572.72772.72772.5601.002
catterick5 f 212 y Soft (Heavy in places)9-22nd1.2579.52979.52977.1811.030
pontefract5 f 3 y Good to Firm (Good in Places)9-56th5.899999663.85763.85763.8121.001
catterick5 f 212 y Good to Firm9-33rd1.5575.43475.43473.7081.023

Risk Taker (IRE)

doncaster1 m 0 f Good9-4 6th3.199.77199.77198.9291.009
newbury6 f 110 y Heavy9-54th6.4587.04087.04086.0101.012

Made For All (FR)

haydock-park6 f 212 y Good8-11 7th7.090.04090.04087.5831.028
yarmouth6 f 3 y Heavy (Soft in places)9-05th9.077.94277.94277.3401.008
haydock-park6 f Heavy9-03rd1.180.67680.67680.5431.002

Top Class Angel (IRE)

newmarket7 f Good to Soft9-5 3rd2.2586.15086.15085.7241.005
haydock-park7 f 37 y Good to Firm9-04th4.5591.78591.78589.7311.023
lingfield-park6 f 1 y Standard9-04th4.7572.53572.53571.4681.015

Cassy O (IRE)

chester7 f 1 y Soft9-39th12.3594.72294.72291.8261.032
ayr7 f 50 y Good (Good to Soft in places)9-26th2.392.32192.32191.7691.006
carlisle5 f 193 y Good to Soft (Soft in places)9-55th8.7578.32178.32174.4941.051

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Adjusted Time Chart

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