14:05 - Uttoxeter

Carpetgallop Co Uk Equestrian Surfaces Handicap Hurdle

Going : Good

Surface : Turf

Distance : 2 m 7 f 70 y

#NortonIndexTip : Crindle Carr (IRE)


No.Horse NameSilksSexBreadingJockeyTrainerOwnerAgeWgtORDSLRSP
10Crindle Carr (IRE) Chestnut Gelding Compton Place - Arley Hall (Excellent Art)Mr A AndersonSean Conway Mr Sean Conway 5 10-13 972033/1
4Polished Rock (IRE) Chestnut Gelding Rock Of Gibraltar (IRE) - Where We Left Off (Dr Devious (IRE))Luca MorganJ Farrelly Mr John McMahon 9 11-10 1082311/1
6Sinakar (IRE) Brown Gelding Manduro (GER) - Siniyya (IRE) (Grand Lodge (USA))Richard PatrickKerry Lee Miss Kerry Lee 8 11-7 1054013/2
14Realta Dawn (IRE) Bay Mare Craigsteel - (Zagreb (USA))Adam WedgeChristian Williams Mr C R P Williams 7 10-0 811122/1
3His Dream (IRE) Bay Gelding Yeats (IRE) - Rosa Muscosa (USA) (Dixie Union (USA))R P McLernonJonjo O'Neill Local Parking Security Limited 6 11-12 1105611/1
12Our Nest Egg (IRE) Bay Mare Scorpion (IRE) - (Carroll House)T J O'BrienP Henderson The Two Hats Syndicate 6 10-6 902028/1
7Norwegian Woods (IRE) Bay Gelding Arcadio (GER) - (Ore)Alan JohnsTim Vaughan S J Kiss & The Lucky Strats 6 11-5 103288/1
11Eddy Bay Gelding Exit To Nowhere (USA) - Sharway Lady (Shareef Dancer (USA))Sean HoulihanMrs S Gardner Mr J F Panvert 10 10-8 921113/2
13It's Buster (IRE) Bay Gelding Stowaway - (Gothland (FR))Edward AustinA Forbes Mr Tony Forbes 8 10-5 892550/1
8Cottonvale (IRE) Bay Gelding Touch Of Land (FR) - (Old Vic)Jack TudorChristian Williams Chiefs And A Dragon 8 11-3 1012113/2
9West To Crossgales (IRE) Bay Gelding Westerner - (Lord Americo)R JohnsonC T Pogson Pete & Pauline Wordingham & Partner 8 11-1 99384/1
5It's For Alan Bay Gelding Multiplex - Miss Keck (Inchinor)Page FullerMiss J S Davis Tony Worth & Vic Bedley 6 11-9 107996/1
1Mead Vale Chestnut Gelding Schiaparelli (GER) - Devon Peasant (Deploy)Tom BuckleyN J Hawke Meadvale Syndicate 6 12-0 1129711/1
15Jonjoela (IRE) Bay Mare Great Exhibition (USA) - Yorkshire Blade (IRE) (Sadler's Wells (USA))Graham CarsonA Carson In The Pink Partnership 8 10-0 641266/1
2Farmer Boy (IRE) Bay Gelding Scorpion (IRE) - Absent Beauty (IRE) (Dancing Dissident (USA))Mr Kieren BuckleyN J Hawke Mr J W Hall & Mrs H Ward 6 11-12 1102513/2

Norton Index Breakdown

No.Horse NameSilksInitialTrainerTrainer form usedJockeyJockey form usedDrawDraw form usedFormForm value usedNI
10Crindle Carr (IRE)318.04910.755false8.256false0.000true134.994false318.049
4Polished Rock (IRE)330.2174.890true2.974false0.000true118.270false335.108
6Sinakar (IRE)339.1145.269false3.800true0.000true58.401false342.914
14Realta Dawn (IRE)348.33110.086false5.761false0.000true31.882false348.331
3His Dream (IRE)345.9793.310true8.313false0.000true-61.584false349.288
12Our Nest Egg (IRE)346.9786.983false4.145true0.000true64.836false351.122
7Norwegian Woods (IRE)352.5796.000false5.742false0.000true85.920false352.579
13It's Buster (IRE)352.6926.076false4.718true0.000true-27.572false357.410
8Cottonvale (IRE)358.70410.086false3.426false0.000true5.354false358.704
9West To Crossgales (IRE)356.9767.881false3.392true0.000true-5.152false360.367
5It's For Alan365.1037.178false5.578false0.000true29.387false365.103
1Mead Vale362.4734.943true4.322false0.000true47.740false367.416
15Jonjoela (IRE)370.3131.816true10.286false0.000true-71.454false372.129
2Farmer Boy (IRE)368.1404.943true3.409false0.000true-15.131false373.083

All Time Form

No.Horse NameSilksORNIATMinMaxARSMost Common GoingGTAPADBDNFARD
10Crindle Carr (IRE)97318.0487318.05229.01459.8699.75 Standard342.545.8721.130.0013.57
4Polished Rock (IRE)108335.10764330.22291.53397.16100.35 Good334.994.7414.520.0014.63
6Sinakar (IRE)105342.91357339.11302.13377.4799.69 Good (Good to Soft in places)340.674.0010.434.3518.18
14Realta Dawn (IRE)81348.33118348.33331.65369.36101.37 Good347.907.4124.5110.5318.77
3His Dream (IRE)110349.2883345.98236.02392.4899.66 Good342.915.4720.1022.7321.81
12Our Nest Egg (IRE)90351.12222346.98337.35355.45101.05 Good (Good to Firm in places)345.927.7825.4810.0016.84
7Norwegian Woods (IRE)103352.5793352.58347.63356.2199.13 Good (Good to Firm in places)352.585.0026.310.0018.16
11Eddy92357.25043357.25329.69396.9999.51 Good354.865.0520.3315.5621.48
13It's Buster (IRE)89357.40952352.69335.45368.1499.28 Good352.695.7129.2425.0018.72
8Cottonvale (IRE)101358.70358358.70333.42402.11100.36 Good347.474.8214.239.6820.75
9West To Crossgales (IRE)99360.3672356.98275.11403.8599.95 Good356.983.9321.4111.7620.83
5It's For Alan107365.1027365.10345.07377.7597.350361.946.8038.840.0021.54
1Mead Vale112367.41574362.47344.12386.5798.96 Good to Soft360.514.5019.410.0020.64
15Jonjoela (IRE)64372.1289370.31340.92412.6397.84 Good367.296.1342.9525.0022.66
2Farmer Boy (IRE)110373.0831368.14337.34444.3398.20 Good351.144.3021.9916.6720.95

Last 5 Form

10Crindle Carr (IRE)324.55103.466.8334.6616.32
4Polished Rock (IRE)363.75100.074.1734.1322.60
6Sinakar (IRE)354.31101.753.806.7921.85
14Realta Dawn (IRE)354.08102.216.4013.6521.99
3His Dream (IRE)311.78102.894.339.8725.09
12Our Nest Egg (IRE)346.82100.336.6721.2517.24
7Norwegian Woods (IRE)352.5899.135.0026.3118.16
13It's Buster (IRE)359.0198.466.0034.6619.47
8Cottonvale (IRE)347.34101.992.503.8923.37
9West To Crossgales (IRE)344.80103.082.839.1822.64
5It's For Alan365.1097.356.8038.8421.54
1Mead Vale355.64100.253.8312.5120.18
15Jonjoela (IRE)372.6098.096.0054.4224.39
2Farmer Boy (IRE)355.46100.293.008.9922.29

Maximum, Minimum and Average Adjusted Times Chart

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