20:00 - Wolverhampton

Betway handicap

Going : Standard

Surface : AllWeather

Distance : 1 m 4 f 51 y

#NortonIndexTip : Protected Guest

Horses Summary

No.Horse NameSilksBreadingJockeyTrainerAgeWgtORATDSLRSPNI
1 (6)King Of The South (IRE) Kingman - South Atlantic (USA) (Stormy Atlantic (USA))Callum ShepherdW J Knight59-10104124.99307/4153.301
2 (4)Iberia (IRE) Galileo (IRE) - Beauty Bright (IRE) (Danehill (USA))Jack MitchellG Hanmer59-397124.4535818/129.684
3 (5)Halimi (IRE) Teofilo (IRE) - Vincennes (King's Best (USA))Harry BurnsS & E Crisford69-195163.643716/118.580
4 (2)Pirate King Farhh - Generous Diana (Generous (IRE))K ShoemarkC Fellowes79-195166.001611/116.063
5 (1)Celtic Art (FR) Mastercraftsman (IRE) - Irish Song (FR) (Singspiel (IRE))Hollie DoyleJ Scott58-1090101.57164/130.231
6 (3)Clap Your Hands Universal (IRE) - Woop Woop (IRE) (Oratorio (IRE))Hayley TurnerD M Simcock68-888121.69297/238.771
7 (8)Protected Guest Helmet (AUS) - Reem Star (Green Tune (USA))L MorrisG G Margarson78-888121.091612/19.726
8 (7)Bugle Major (USA) Mizzen Mast (USA) - Conference Call (Anabaa (USA))George RookeR Hughes78-585152.811617/2152.771

Norton Index Score Breakdown

No.Horse NameSilksInitialTrainerTrainer form usedJockeyJockey form usedDrawDraw form usedFormForm value usedNI
1 (6)King Of The South (IRE)152.8800.999true1.000true1.003true0.000false153.301
2 (4)Iberia (IRE)29.2751.003true0.999true1.012true0.000false29.684
3 (5)Halimi (IRE)18.6800.000false0.996true0.998true0.000false18.580
4 (2)Pirate King15.9810.999true0.999true1.007true0.000false16.063
5 (1)Celtic Art (FR)30.3401.000true0.998true0.998true0.000false30.231
6 (3)Clap Your Hands38.7371.000true0.999true1.001true0.000false38.771
7 (8)Protected Guest9.7311.000true0.999true1.000true0.000false9.726
8 (7)Bugle Major (USA)155.7640.999true0.982true0.999true0.000false152.771

All Time Form Summary

No.Horse NameSilksORNIATMinMaxARSMost Common GoingGTAPADBDNFARD
1 (6)King Of The South (IRE)104153.30078124.99124.99124.9999.24 Standard0.
2 (4)Iberia (IRE)9729.684282124.4583.79294.64101.94 Heavy0.003.505.270.008.67
3 (5)Halimi (IRE)9518.579762163.64133.07211.92100.88 Good to Yielding0.002.563.290.0011.91
4 (2)Pirate King9516.062778166.00147.16214.60101.26 Good to Firm0.004.206.510.0012.71
5 (1)Celtic Art (FR)9030.231342101.5783.08151.68NaN Good to Firm0.003.603.280.008.19
6 (3)Clap Your Hands8838.770603121.6995.88141.60100.85 Standard0.004.006.750.009.61
7 (8)Protected Guest889.725918121.0974.72181.82100.61 Good to Firm (Good in Places)
8 (7)Bugle Major (USA)85152.77069152.81152.81152.81100.59 Standard0.007.007.450.0012.00

Last 5 Form Summary

1 (6)King Of The South (IRE)124.9999.242.002.2510.00
2 (4)Iberia (IRE)124.45101.944.005.278.67
3 (5)Halimi (IRE)170.52100.482.752.4212.41
4 (2)Pirate King170.18100.744.334.8113.09
5 (1)Celtic Art (FR)101.57NaN3.603.288.19
6 (3)Clap Your Hands121.69100.854.006.759.61
7 (8)Protected Guest145.79100.645.006.5011.27
8 (7)Bugle Major (USA)152.81100.597.007.4512.00

King Of The South (IRE)

lingfield-park1 m 2 f Standard9-0 2nd2.25124.986124.986125.9380.992

Iberia (IRE)

limerick2 m 0 f Heavy11-9 3rd4.75294.644294.644264.4521.114
leopardstown7 f Soft to Heavy9-32nd1.597.40997.40993.4711.042
newmarket1 m 0 f Good9-03rd1.895.38695.38698.9510.964
curragh7 f Good (Good to Firm in places)9-35th13.883.79183.79185.5670.979
curragh7 f Yielding9-37th9.7589.51889.51888.4411.012
curragh7 f Good (Good to Firm in places on round course)9-5winW85.98085.98085.5671.005

Halimi (IRE)

lingfield-park1 m 4 f Standard10-5 3rd5.25156.909156.909151.9151.033
naas1 m 6 f Heavy8-103rd3.25211.917211.917211.3301.003
leopardstown1 m 4 f 20 y Soft to Heavy (Heavy in places)9-32nd2.75171.064171.064170.6001.003
listowel1 m 4 f Soft (Soft to Heavy in places)9-13rd3.25165.445165.445165.5530.999
galway1 m 4 f 84 y Good to Yielding9-9winW161.540161.540162.3200.995
curragh1 m 4 f Good to Firm9-5winW156.240156.240156.8810.996
down-royal1 m 4 f 150 y Yielding (Yielding to Soft in places)8-104th5.3175.776175.776174.9001.005
cork1 m 2 f Good to Yielding9-52nd3.0133.066133.066132.6851.003
naas1 m 2 f Good to Yielding9-54th6.85140.791140.791135.0581.042

Pirate King

lingfield-park1 m 4 f Standard9-12 4th1.75151.944151.944151.9151.000
kempton-park1 m 3 f 219 y Standard / Slow9-116th4.05154.442154.442153.9881.003
york1 m 3 f 188 y Good to Firm9-73rd4.1151.726151.726151.6611.000
haydock-park2 m 0 f 45 y Good to Firm8-84th6.2214.600214.600215.5400.996
doncaster1 m 6 f 115 y Good9-123rd3.25191.110191.110188.7391.013
ascot1 m 3 f 211 y Good (Good to Firm in places)9-16th9.5157.281157.281152.3021.033
newmarket1 m 6 f Good to Soft (Soft in places)9-24th16.25190.863190.863178.4391.070
doncaster1 m 3 f 197 y Good to Firm (Good in Places)9-0winW152.150152.150154.8660.982
bath1 m 3 f 137 y Firm8-113rd4.0148.701148.701149.2600.996
newbury1 m 3 f Good to Soft (Soft in places)9-58th16.0147.164147.164142.4091.033

Celtic Art (FR)

lingfield-park1 m 4 f Standard9-4winW151.680151.680151.9150.998
deauville7 f 209 y Heavy8-122nd4.00.0000.0000.000NaN
york7 f Good to Firm9-52nd0.383.08283.08285.2810.974
goodwood7 f Good to Firm (Good in Places)9-02nd0.586.08386.08387.1770.987
newmarket7 f Good to Firm9-011th11.685.44985.44985.7240.997

Clap Your Hands

kempton-park1 m 2 f 219 y Standard / Slow9-10 3rd0.8141.603141.603140.5331.008
brighton7 f 211 y Good to Firm (Good in Places)9-34th10.895.88295.88296.0120.999
wolverhampton1 m 1 f 104 y Standard9-24th5.7123.345123.345120.0241.028
lingfield-park1 m 2 f Standard8-75th9.7125.948125.948125.9381.000

Protected Guest

lingfield-park1 m 4 f Standard9-3 3rd0.5151.755151.755151.9150.999
yarmouth1 m 6 f 17 y Good to Firm10-02nd1.25181.823181.823186.0010.978
yarmouth1 m 2 f 23 y Good to Firm (Firm in places)9-5winW128.290128.290127.9061.003
ascot1 m 3 f 211 y Good to Firm (Good in Places)9-55th12.0158.052158.052152.3021.038
newmarket1 m 0 f Good to Firm (Good in Places)9-18th10.0101.392101.39298.9511.025
windsor1 m 3 f 99 y Soft (Good to Soft in places)9-77th15.25153.448153.448154.0000.996
yarmouth1 m 3 f 104 y Good to Firm (Good in Places)8-101stW144.900144.900147.1420.985
yarmouth1 m 2 f 23 y Good (Good to Firm in places)8-3winW128.270128.270127.9061.003
newmarket1 m 2 f Good to Firm (Good in Places)9-94th2.3127.931127.931126.2811.013
newmarket1 m 0 f Good to Soft (Soft in places)8-44th2.3102.060102.06098.9511.031
ascot1 m 0 f Good to Firm8-76th2.3101.016101.016100.3951.006
yarmouth1 m 0 f 3 y Good to Firm (Firm in places)8-113rd5.7594.59094.59098.1970.963
yarmouth1 m 0 f 3 y Good to Firm9-11stW96.99096.99098.1970.988
lingfield-park1 m 0 f 1 y Standard9-52nd1.75100.683100.68397.4681.033
yarmouth6 f 3 y Soft9-212th12.374.72374.72374.9360.997
ascot7 f Good9-27th9.45000191.51491.51488.0471.039

Bugle Major (USA)

lingfield-park1 m 4 f Standard9-4 7th7.45152.812152.812151.9151.006

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